If you’re in need of cash fast, a cash advance can provide you with money you need when you need it. Cash advances are suitable both for individuals and businesses to help cover unexpected expenses and solve short-term cash flow problems.

handsIndividual needs may vary, but cash advances are available for emergencies or other unexpected expenses between paychecks. Cash advance lenders are less stringent when issuing advances compared to other quick loan solutions. At Short Term Cash Advance we will not run a credit check and we do not penalize you for poor credit or a lack of credit. Banks, credit unions, and similar financial institutions perform credit checks to decide whether they’ll take on your loan. Utilizing an online cash advance you will not be subject to a lenghthy credit review and we will never “wag our finger at you” telling you that you should’ve protected your credit score. We will get you the money you need NOW… no judgment and few questions.

A fast cash advance or payday loan is sometimes a suitable means for financing small business needs. As opposed to typical business loans, cash advances don’t have a long and difficult approval process. Using a fast cash advance only requires you to apply personally for the loan and get approved. Money for your business may be deposited in your account the same day you are approved for the loan.

Cash advances have virtually no restrictions on what you can use them for. A short term cash advance is the most convenient way of getting extra cash quickly to cover unanticipated expenses, unexpected car repairs, emergency expenses, repair costs, or other everyday expenses.

For every personal loan, Short Term Cash Advance may charge a nominal fee or a fixed rate of interest, depending on your loan type. Although the requirements for a short term personal loan are lenient compared to banks, applicants must meet minimal requirements.

Cash Advance Requirements:

To apply for a cash advance for personal or business needs, contact Short Term Cash Advance today or apply online now. Short Term Cash Advance also provides payday loans and short term loans for other financial needs.